The white girl with the black baby.

Today it was gorgeous outside after work- 60′ and sunny. Ryan and I have been carpooling to work lately and dropping S. off at preschool on the way. We play his ipod mix which includes Raffi songs spliced with Jack Johnson, Billie Holiday, The Beatles, Count Basie, and some French rap because I simply love music too much to play Baa Baa Black Sheep on repeat. I pick S. up and then we get Ryan from work since I get out earlier than him. To kill some time before he was ready to go at 5:00, we went to the nearby elementary school playground. There was a small group of 14 or 15 year old black girls hanging out by the swings. One of them made multiple comments within earshot about “the white girl with that black baby”. It was intriguing to me and honestly I wanted to ask her what she was really thinking. As in, what should I know about why you think this is an issue? I just finished two books about fostering toddlers; next on the list are some about raising transracial children. New things everyday. Regardless, it turns out that, upon arriving home, kids of any skin color like swinging. Thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “The white girl with the black baby.

  1. My brother hears comments a lot. . . My niece is biracial and despite being fairer has the “nappy” hair. She is turning four and for the first time asked where her “black baby” was since she has baby dolls of every color. Makes you wish you could get in their heads! Side note, for her hair they use garnier fructis sleek and shine if you ever need a quick target store fix

  2. We get lots of stares! Some people are totally cool with it and others disapprove. Somedays I wonder if I have a big stain on my clothes or something is wrong with my appearance, and then I realize, oh it’s my cute black babies that make people look and stare. It never stops, but I promise it gets easier.

  3. I have 3 nephews adopted from Africa. I hear comments like that all the time when they are with me…especially the 2 year old twins who have lighter black skin…people assume they are mine and are mixed. The demographics of who seems to have a problem with this is interesting to me…many a redneck who I assumed would look upon me disdainfully have commented on my beautiful children, while hipsters turn and whisper. All I can do it smile, but I am afraid it will hurt the boys when they start to understand it. (Congrats on your fostering, I’m sure you guys are amazing at it)

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