Camouflage Battle.

Last week Ryan built a fish pond for us for our 4 year anniversary. S. hasn’t fallen in yet, but will soon. It is inevitable. I spent $50 on some water plants, which is an obscene amount of money to spend on plants except that it won’t matter that I never remember to water the plants because they are IN water already. Awesome. On Thursday there was a walking stick on the cattails.

Walking sticks are such cool insects. This one was brown with red undertones. They remind me of the little aliens in Men in Black.
Look at how Catboy is camouflaged with the wood floor. The walking stick has way cooler camouflagedness, but Catboy is softer. And doesn’t have those two little prong things on his butt of which I’m not a real big fan.
Catboy v. Walking Stick = tie.
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