NY Weekend Recap

Last weekend Ryan and I went to upstate NY for my NYC roomie Laura and her now husband Steve’s wedding. Here is a brief overview in pictorial form…

1. Scheduled to fly from Detroit to LaGuardia to Rochester. Waiting for the same flight was Sam Bernstein’s son Richard. Here is the commercial from the Bernstein Law Firm if you live outside of Michigan. (Richard is in the middle.)

There are a few key points to note about this. First, Ryan was seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY psyched about seeing him. Second, it is important to state that he is blind. (This is helpful for point three as well as to know after watching the above commercial because if I was him and found out that no one felt the need to tell me that I was the only one NEVER facing the camera, I would sue each and everyone involved- including my family.) Third, I later found out through friends on FB that he was hit by a bicyclist in NYC on this trip. I googled it and found out FURTHER that he was there training for his EIGHTH NY marathon. In the hospital he was quoted as saying that he should have asked the biker, “Are you blind?!” Impressive Mr. Bernstein. Impressive.

2. There were plane issues which caused us to be rerouted directly to Rochester. Once in Rochester, I saw girls carrying these bags with American Girl dolls in them:

They looked exactly like little doll tombs. In a backpack form. Gross. There should at least have been little breathing holes in that plastic window.

3. While I was waiting for our luggage (which turned out to be pointless- see point 4), Ryan was busy being convinced by the car rental guy to upgrade to a Mustang convertible. This ended up being a good consolation prize which was heavily utilized during the shopping in point 5. Ryan is generally terribly disappointed in my lack of car interest. I was more excited about getting to wrap my pashmina around my hair, which is not a look you can really pull off unless you are IN a convertible.

4. Our luggage got lost in the transition. Long story short, it ended up not returning to us until Tuesday. (We got home on Sunday.) Delta’s initial compensation was this little kit of toiletries and a XXL Delta shirt that had been screen printed to have a big smudge on it.

Look how little that deodorant is in the top right! Have you ever SEEN such a cute deodorant? Of course you haven’t. At any rate, this didn’t really cover everything we needed so we bought some cheap fill-ins from a store thinking we’d have our bag the next day. Except that we didn’t get it…

5. …so a Delta rep told us to go buy new clothes for the wedding. He ASSURED me that there wasn’t a limit “as long our spending wasn’t excessive, like buying a Coach bag,” so we went shopping…

6. Wedding was fantastic. Dessert was sundaes from an ice cream truck. The plane didn’t crash. We got new clothes. Good trip.

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