On Halloween.

In the old Blockbuster building there is now a temporary Halloween store opening in September.

I do not like Halloween.

Rather, I like Halloween if you are with little kids or if you ARE a little kid. Once you cross the threshold into adulthood, dressing up in costumes weirds me out. Why would you want to do that? The last two times I got dressed up for Halloween were before Ryan and I were married.

Here were my last two costumes:

And, apparently, a Red Solo Cup Holder. (A RESPONSIBLE Red Solo Cup Holder.) In college I was a cowgirl. Four  years in a row. Yet another reason among many for which I am thankful for S., as Halloween attention will now be diverted onto him and I won’t have anyone telling me what a lame costume I have. As well as taking the pressure off of me to respond with, “You are dressed as a skank zombie. I win.” *sigh of relief*
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6 thoughts on “On Halloween.

    • Oh Jill, you dress up as whatever your heart desires. I don’t know why I am so cynical about dressing up, but I think part of it was getting older and realizing that it struck me as odd that clowns are very often old men. I don’t like clowns at all. Maybe my root cause of Halloween distaste is a clown distaste…

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