On the issue of time.

Sometimes it is easier to like the IDEA of Jesus than actually taking the time to be WITH Jesus. Honestly, it is always easier to do this. I used to love getting up early, having tea, journaling and LISTENING, and then going off to work relaxed. Now my mornings start between 5:15 and 5:30 (even earlier than my early tea & Jesus times would begin) and the time before work is spent at the gym, (so I can spend time with Isaac after work) or getting a 3 year old and myself ready to leave the house which CAN be quick, but usually… isn’t.

If you’re abandoning God because of good things, it makes it harder to force yourself to find a new routine into which¬†He fits.

I know from experience that if I prioritize with time spent on building faith FIRST, the rest falls into place. Unfortunately, it is easier to cut out 30-60 minutes of ‘wasteful’ time spent on obviously poor habits than to carve out 30-60 minutes from family time, working, staying¬†healthy/sane through working out, or lesson planning, which is where the majority of my time is currently spent. Should I value those things above the Jesus who loves me? No…. but the ways in which I spend my time dictate my answer for me.

Dang-it-all if there isn’t an easy answer to that one. And THAT, friends, is a work in progress…

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