Accidentally Inappropriate Mom (of the year)

We just got back from a trip to St. Louis. One of my favorite places was the City Museum. While Ryan was working, Isaac and I would go on different ‘adventures’. I’d read on the museum site to wear comfortable clothing, which I did.

What the site did NOT say was the amount of crawling in tiny, tiny tunnels necessary to keep tabs on an equally tiny boy who slid through- no problems. Example:
 The picture above was part of a very long, very twisty, and very dark tunnel that also included this section:
In order to fully grasp what I am about to explain, these details are important:
I am a 5’6″ adult. My kid is less under 3′.
The rebar on the left actually opened up into a restaurant which was full of people sitting nearby as well as being eye level with other museum goers where the dining room platform ended a few feet ahead of us.
Them pants I wore was tight. Decent tight mind you, but tight. If you were someone other than me, you might call them jeggings. (But please, don’t.)
Knowing all of the above information, you can imagine my discomfort when I looked like MOM OF THE YEAR to all observers by resembling something akin to this.

Moral: Don’t wear tight (albeit comfortable) pants to the St. Louis City Museum unless you want to look like a) Trying Too Hard to be Hot Mom or b) Plain Ol’ Skanky Mom. My attempt to go as Comfortable Fashionista Mom = FAIL.
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