On the issues of church vs. golf.

We are going through a sort of church purgatory right now in our family. We’ve gone to the same church for years and love the people, but it was a far drive after we moved and it was time for a change. We went to a site plant of that church for a while which we loved, but it is Sunday evening which involved:

a) hurried dinners
b) interrupted Sunday afternoons
c) bedtime pushback

So…. basically a crap fest on the drive home. Every time. Usually, it started in the parking lot upon leaving the church. *cringe*

We found one closer to us with a pastor who has really fantastic teachings. On the flipside, it IS closer to us here just outside the city… so our kiddo holds down the minority section, and I don’t want that for him either.

It’s been a back and forth discussion and, this Sunday, we went to a golf range instead of making any decisions.

I wore a dress and red slipons. Ryan asked me if I was going to be his trophy wife, golfing in a dress. I obviously didn’t care enough to change. It is summer. I wear dresses. And that’s how I deal with issues apparently. If I can’t make a decision, I spit in the face of tradition and wear a dress. And run from my problems. *shoulder shrug*

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