Things I’ve done of note:

#1. This weekend I was changing the costume of the fake goose on our front porch. Ryan hates it, but I got it for high school graduation from my parents and it has moved with me everyplace since: college dorms, apartments, my classroom in the South Bronx, my first house…) We agree to disagree on its awesomeness. I left the front door open a crack while doing this and bad cat Numa tried to get out. I swung around to yell at him to get back in and slammed my head into the corner of the porch banister. So, to recap, I was changing the clothes of my fake goose, turned to talk to my cat, and rammed my head into a wooden pole. Standard.

#2. (Which also connects my psycho hair in the above picture which is only minorly related to me never actually DOING my hair.) Isaac continually told us that he wanted goats, chickens, and sheep for his birthday. Not toy ones, he would clarify, REAL ones. Ryan’s coworker Chris thought this was so fantastic that he bought him two chickens for his birthday. REAL ones.

Despite the fact that we’ve talked about getting chickens off and on since moving to this house, it poses a problem when you actually get them and don’t have someplace for them to go in the cold. Which it is. And to keep away from coyotes. Which we have. Thus, Ryan has spent the last 2 nights holed up in the garage constructing a chicken coop and I have spent my last two nights collecting chickens from their makeshift day coop to sleep in their makeshift nighttime coop in the garage so they don’t get eaten or wet, resulting in my post-chicken run hair. (Thanks Office Max!) Sleep tight Chicken Bicken and Bicken! We love you already!
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