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i to you! Come in! I’m so happy to share my stories with you. I’ve blogged for a long time on various sites, but started getting really serious about it when my husband Ryan and I decided to have kids and… couldn’t… Can’t… Yet? No medical reasons found as to why. We’d wanted to adopt anyway. Started the domestic adoption process and, near the end of that road, ended up switching over to foster to adopt. We were placed with a 2 year old boy in 2012. Present day? We adopted that little boy, Isaac, and are now navigating the merging roads of:

adoption through foster care,

living as a transracial family,

embracing an open adoption,



handling undiagnosed infertility,

and showing honesty in the hard places.

My hope is that you would feel connected, accepted, and welcomed regardless of the path you’re treading. I’m so glad you’re here.

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